At TAAT we are the party. Instead of waiting for an invite, we’re throwing a ton of parties across the nation, as we roll-out to a State near you. We already know we’ll be bull-riding with cowboys and cowgirls from PBR. Be sure to come out to their next event for TAATs and swag.


Time to “smoke the competition” with TAAT!

On Sunday, June 6, 2021 the TAAT™ logo was made visible to a global audience of millions of viewers of the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul boxing match through PPV as well as a variety of media sources before, during, and after the fight. Members of Mr. Mayweather’s entourage donned baseball caps with the TAAT™ logo on the front, shown by media outlets to include ESPN, Sky Sports, and Barstool, as well as on Mr. Paul’s Instagram account (20.1 million followers). Additionally, Mr. Mayweather shared a short video clip in which he personally introduces TAAT™ on his Instagram account (26.3 million followers), which garnered more than four million total views. During the weekend of the fight, interest in TAAT™ spiked, with free sample pack requests on TryTAAT increasing by as much as 15.5x compared to weekends in the month of May 2021.

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At TAAT, we are bringing the zero tobacco, zero nicotine option to all the cool peeps too. Check out our previous events ...

Tequila Mockingbrd Party!

Check out the scene from our latest party event in LA for the launch of Tequila Mockingbrd!

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