We wanted to find a suitable alternative to tobacco material that had similar properties to tobacco. We found that hemp would work best, but, we knew that traditional smokers wouldn’t find the taste and smell of hemp appealing.

So, we developed a patent-pending process engineered to closely resemble the smoking experience by delivering a consistent quality product with uniform CBD content in the hemp filler that ends with a remarkably smooth smoking experience — a true alternative to tobacco without nicotine’s grip of addiction.

TAAT™ currently produces three versions: TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol. We are an American innovation with TAATs made in America from plant-material grown by American farmers. This IS what freedom tastes like.

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The TAAT experience

Whatever your smoking pleasure is, TAAT offers you a zero nicotine and zero tobacco option to enjoy it. 

BEST of all, it’s way cheaper than a traditional smoke!  

Between the tobacco-like taste and smell of the Beyond Tobacco™️ base material to the curling plumes of smoke and the “crackling” sound of TAAT burning, all your senses are activated. 

Pair that with the physical sensations of inhaling and exhaling and flicking ashes to keep your hands satisfied, no detail has been overlooked in creating a satisfying experience for smokers.

We know your TAAT experience will knock your socks off. That’s why we made TAATs to satisfy your traditional smoking ritual in the same gratifying way.