Your Better Self

Your Better Self

TAAT was founded to better lives. We want to offer you a better alternative to tobacco-based smokables, but our vision goes beyond just your preference in smokes. We aim to provide lifestyle and wellness content to help you navigate the modern world and encourage ‘a better you.’   

What is a better you?

The only comparison that should matter is the one you have of yourself. It may seem odd, but too much of our time is consumed with trying to be better than someone or something. When in reality, the best way to actually improve is to simply compare yourself to yourself!

Why is this so important to your own self-image, self-care and self-improvement? It’s simple. There are almost 8 billion people on this planet. The old adage ‘there’ll always be someone better’ will almost always be true. So, if you only compare yourself to others, it can be a pretty self-defeating and demoralizing state of mind.

Be your own cheerleader

By comparing yourself to only your own personal bests, you can be assured that you’re never setting your sights too high. Imagine if Lebron James, when he was young, always compared himself to Michael Jordan by stating, ‘I’ll never be as good as Michael Jordan! These often-become self-fulfilling prophecies.

However, if you keep your goals closer to your capability, you will always be promoting and highlighting your personal bests, meeting and exceeding new goals and actually achieving them. Most importantly, this simple act will build your self-confidence.

Give a little, heal a lot

Focusing on your strengths, developing realistic goals, and comparing those goals to your own personal bests helps your mindset and confidence. Within that framework, most life coach experts advise you to focus on these positive aspects.

By switching your mindset, you can actually change your negative outlook on yourself to one that offers self-praise that is more inherently important to your self-worth and confidence than any praise you would get from someone else. This slight change in mindset can help you propel your attitude, career, and achievements.

So don’t worry about what others say; worry about that person in the mirror and what they think of you.