What is a TAAT?

What is a TAAT?

Are you a traditional tobacco cigarette smoker? Do you wonder if you’ll ever be able to cut down on your nicotine consumption?

Most tobacco smokers admit to wanting to cut down on cigarettes if only to cut out the nicotine. With TAAT™ plant-based Beyond Nicotine™ sticks, you can have the best of both worlds. We want you to realize that TAATs are what freedom tastes like.

Is it a cigarette?

In the traditional and literal sense, cigarette is French for “little cigar” and is traditionally a paper-filled tube of tobacco that is smoked. In this sense, TAATs are not cigarettes because they contain ZERO Tobacco and ZERO Nicotine.

So it’s a stick?

We prefer to simply call them TAATs. Partly because it is a product that is transcending boundaries and offering an option to tobacco smokers that they currently DO NOT HAVE. Other Hemp and CBD cigarettes are not processed and crafted like TAATs are. We craft our TAATs to offer an experience exactly like a traditional cigarette without any tobacco, so technically they are not cigarettes.

But TAATs feel like a cigarette?

Our founder’s mission was to develop a product that gave tobacco smokers a genuine option to leave tobacco behind but still offer all of the same rituals as a cigarette. Part of the reason you have such a hard time quitting, besides the addictive nicotine, is the rituals of packing your smokes, rolling the new paper between your fingers, taking long pulls off your cigarette and even the habit of spending that time with others.

TAATs offer everything you are used to, but without the addictive nicotine. They are even legal everywhere smokes are, including most US states and throughout the world.

Ok, but what are TAATs made of?

Our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Cindy Orser, was in charge of ensuring the quality process and crafting the flavor profile of every TAAT. This process was developed over several months to mimic tobacco cigarettes in taste, feel and smokability.

TAATs are plant-based and derived from Hemp, the main constituent at 90% in all of TAAT’s products which is meticulously sourced across hemp farmers who can meet the strict specifications for bulk hemp that TAAT requires. 

Lots of hemp meeting the specifications set by TAAT is then processed at our Las Vegas facility to remove any debris from the field or during harvesting, ending with a clean, homogeneous raw product with uniform moisture content.  The hemp is then milled to a uniform consistency and ready for moving to the treatment stage, where a proprietary additive is blended at up to 5% with or without menthol if destined for TAAT Menthol.

What is the other 10% of TAATs?

Besides 90% Hemp, another 5% is natural water, and the remaining 5% of additive is made of 100% food-grade ingredients infusing the hemp with the flavor profile of tobacco. No MCT oil nor Vit E acetate is used.

As you can see, TAATs are perfectly designed with hand-crafted and engineered processes that ensure your smoking ritual is as close to what you expect from a traditional tobacco product as possible. This is what we mean by “This is What Freedom Tastes Like.” It’s freedom from addictive nicotine and tobacco-specific by-products.

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