5 Reasons TAATs are better than tobacco cigarettes?

5 Reasons TAATs are better than tobacco cigarettes?

Did you know TAATs - our smokes – are plant-based and provide a smoking experience just like you are used to from tobacco cigarettes? TAATs were explicitly created, crafted and engineered to offer a unique alternative to tobacco products while still offering you the same ritual experiences of smoking. Here are the top 5 reasons why TAATs are better than tobacco.

#1 TAATs are non-addictive

TAATs are made with ZERO tobacco and ZERO nicotine. Since there is zero nicotine, you do not get the same continual cravings from a tobacco cigarette. TAATs are a great way to help you reduce your dependency on nicotine. The hemp in our products provide a unique experience for smokers, providing a mild calming effect from the included legal small amounts of THC and CBD while satisfying the other physical cravings from smoking.

It’s not just the nicotine cravings you have to satisfy to cut down on nicotine, it’s the physical rituals that you have made habitual. Do you pack in your smokes? Do you take long and luxurious smells of a fresh cigarette? Even the simple act of flicking ashes of your cigarettes all contribute to the ritual and gestures of smoking. TAATs satisfy all these cravings because they smoke like a tobacco cigarette without addictive nicotine.

Now you can substitute TAATs for your customary nicotine cigarettes throughout your day, replacing tobacco until you can wean yourself off the nicotine. This is what freedom tastes like. Enjoy your smoking rituals without the tread of nicotine addiction.

#2 TAATs are so much cheaper

Depending on which US state you live in, your annual tobacco costs can vary greatly from as low as $5.25 per pack up to a whopping $10.67 per pack in New York state. The average cigarette pack costs $6.28 per pack or $2,292 per year. Over 20 years, this turns into about $200,000. Of course, this does not account for extra health costs from tobacco-related illnesses, which turns this habit into a lifetime cost of over $1.4 million due to health-related costs, pack costs and lost opportunity costs.

TAATs are up to 50% cheaper per pack!

#3 Hemp-based benefits

The natural benefits of smoking hemp products are derived from CBD and other minor cannabinoid compounds within the product. The full range of potential benefits is still being clinically studied.

The number one benefit of hemp-based TAATs is simply being able to go Beyond Tobacco with a product that has ZERO nicotine dependency.

#4 Keep your rituals

One of the hardest issues besides nicotine addiction that tobacco smokers have a hard time dealing with when attempting to cut back or switch to a different product, such as vape products, is missing their smoking rituals.

A lot of these rituals are habits formed over years of smoking and are not easily set aside. With TAATs you have the freedom to enjoy your rituals and still enjoy a smokable product that is non-addictive. Pack your TAATs, roll them between your fingers, pinch the filter or take in that unique aroma, all as you would with tobacco cigarettes.  

#5 Buy online!

If you lead a busy life or just want to avoid having to in-person purchase your TAATs, we offer online shopping with free shipping to you; conditions apply. Create an account today on TryTAAT.com, and have your favorite sent directly to your home. Buy by the carton and never run out or waste time going to the store again.

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