TAATs vs Cigarettes

TAATs vs Cigarettes

In this edition of ‘The Science behind TAAT,’ we’ll discuss why many people are adding TAATs into their daily routines to either cut down on tobacco cigarettes or are replacing tobacco cigarettes altogether.

What our research is telling us

One of the main reasons TAAT was founded was to provide a true alternative for tobacco smokers that would offer a very similar experience of smoking to smokers looking to reduce the negative effects of tobacco smoking. 

The research is clear on tobacco cigarettes. The amount of harmful chemicals, including the addictive nature of nicotine, is a real long-term health risk. Yet, 14% of US adults are still smokers. Why?

The reasons are varied and complicated

Many smokers are addicted to nicotine, which rewrites brain chemistry and ensures a long-term association with tobacco smoking. But it’s more than just the nicotine addiction for many smokers. It’s the rituals and long-term habits that also come with smoking that offer the reason why so many choose to smoke in the face of health risks. Other factors also include your social circles and the normalization of smokables in other formats with the increased use of cannabis and vapes.

But what if we told you there is a better alternative?  

Why TAATs offer a better alternative

TAATs are a plant-based smoke in which the main ingredient is hemp. TAATs contain ZERO nicotine and ZERO tobacco. In one fell swoop, TAATs offer smokers the alternative to an addictive product to one that is non-addictive.

More importantly, TAATs were created specifically with tobacco smokers in mind. We wanted to create an alternative that tasted, smelled, burned and acted like a tobacco cigarette to satisfy the second most compelling reason why people do not quit smoking tobacco: rituals.


  • Taste like a tobacco cigarette.
  • Smell like a tobacco cigarette.
  • Feel like a tobacco cigarette.
  • Burn like a tobacco cigarette.
  • Allow you to keep your smoking rituals.

This is what freedom tastes and feels like

TAATs proprietary flavor blends in Original, Smooth and Menthol offer a taste experience that is as close to tobacco cigarettes as possible. Whether you’re a Kool, Camel, Marlboro, Winston, American Spirit or Newport smoker, TAATs offer a consistent and very similar flavor profile to what you are used to.

TAATs use the same FSC branded paper for the cigarette paper that tobacco cigarettes use. This is important because it creates the same burn pattern that you are used to. Our proprietary process to refine the hemp in our smokes combined with the paper allows for a consistent burn. This allows you to flick the ashes with the same satisfying feeling.

Our flip-top packaging, cellophane wrap and packaging branding all are designed to give you the same experience as tobacco cigarettes. Right down to the filters, TAATs are exacting in their likeness to tobacco cigarettes.

No matter why you want to continue smoking, TAATs offer a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes with most of the rituals you are used to, but without the addictive nicotine.

Isn’t it time you added in a smoking alternative that satisfied your rituals? TryTAAT.com